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Tuning in to our body


Throughout my day, I might notice a multitude of sensations. Warmth, coolness, pressure, tension, brightness, smell, noise...these are all experiences happening in the background. Being human, I am quick to judge these sensations. Good or bad. Pleasant or unpleasant. One way to cultivate mindfulness is to simply get in touch with the experiences you are having, as you have them. Withhold judgement as to whether you enjoy them or not. Notice the experience for what it is. For example, I feel coolness in my toes. My lower back feels tight. I hear a plane outside. I see a tree outside my window.

This practice anchors the brain in the present moment. In the present moment, we are able to lower our stress levels about the past and future. Action only occurs in the present. Engaging in mindfulness practices throughout the workday can also increase productivity, as we are more likely to move with intention, rather than out of reaction.

See how this experiential exercise feels, and how this might also cultivate a better sense of the emotions you can recognize once you have tuned in to your physical experience.

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